Enforced – At The Walls LP (War Records)


Formed in 2016. in Richmond, VA, Enforced is one of the new names of the new wave of crossover thrash hardcore bands whose career has been highlighted by a couple of excellent demos and cassette releases. At The Walls is their debut full-length album comprised of perfectly executed compositions which are bringing back memories of some better days for this particular genre. This LP contains remixed and remastered versions of their Demo and Retaliation promo cassette (both recorded in 2017), plus brand new tunes such as Reckoning Force and Skinned Alive. To be much more precise, Enforced are implementing fundamentals of hardcore punk music into foundations of crossover thrash, and it sounds like something Sepultura, Cro-Mags, Leeway, Nuclear Assault, Devastation or Demolition Hammer would record back in the days, but with some hellish modern production. Of course, Enforced are taking these compositions on another level with much more ideas involved, so the album sounds a lot more creative, diverse, powerful and dynamic. Enforced are not escaping from a sound of the contemporaries either, so at some moments you can hear similarities with bands such as  Power Trip, Integrity, War Hungry, Skeletal Remains, All Out War or perhaps Forseen, but all in the small doses, keeping that Enforced signature sound all over it. Dwid Hellion of Integrity has appeared on Skinned Alive as a guest vocalist and also has done the cover artwork for this LP, so it’s really no wonder why the Enforced has been influenced by the sound of the Integrity. As I said, Enforced are keeping their signature moves to themselves and At The Walls LP sounds like a charm from start to finish. The album has been published by the War Records and it’s available as a vinyl record, CD or as a digital release, so pick this one up if you’re into crossover thrash with a lot of hardcore music involved. You won’t be disappointed.

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