Emerge – Hiding Place CD (Frozen Light Records)


Hiding Place is one of the better releases by Emerge, great ambient drone artist from Augsburg, Germany, considering it has been released in January of 2016. by Frozen Light Records from Moscow. Emerge is using a similar recipe for his releases which doesn’t allow any mistakes, so the tracks are very well recorded and produced. Sound sources are surprisingly the most natural I’ve listened so far in ambient music with a lot of movements from left to right speakers and vice versa, which I am considering as a very good idea if you’re listening tracks through headphones. This release can be ideal background music for some thriller or horror movie with all the female voices filled with an echo delay effect, cello sound-a-like distant tones and lot’s of standard dark ambient in the background which fulfills a whole listening pleasure. Hiding Place is released in the amount of 300 copies, but with this kind of sound and quality packaging like this I am pretty sure you will have to be fast to grab your own copy and believe me, it totally worth every spent euro or whatever currency are you using. Don’t miss the chance to possess this quality piece of ambient drone masterpiece.

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