All Out War – Crawl Among The Filth LP (Unbeaten Records)


New York’s finest are back with another album. Formed in Newburgh back in 1991, All Out War is one of the longstanding NYHC bands who intentionally or unintentionally shaped the metalcore scene we know today has recorded ten blistering songs. So far, the band published Destined to Burn 7″ (Hardway Records, 1994), Truth In The Age Of Lies (Gain Ground, 1997), For Those Who Were Crucified CD / LP (Victory Records, 1998), Condemned To Suffer CD/LP (Victory Records, 2003) ,Assassins In The House Of God CD/LP (Victory Records, 2007), Hymns Of The Apocalypse 7″ (Trip Machine Laboratories, 2008), Into The Killing Fields CD/LP (Victory Records,2010), Truth In The Age Of Lies” CD/LP Repress (Organized Crime Records, 2012), Demo 1992. (AKA Sum Of All Fears) 10″ Repress (Organized Crime Records, 2012), Dying Gods (EP) (Organized Crime Records, 2015), Give Us Extinction CD/LP (Organized Crime Records, 2017). Crawl Among The Filth is a demonstration of power, endurance, and willingness of a band that actually needs no introduction at all if you’re truly into hardcore music. It’s been roughly two years since they’ve published Give Us Extinction LP for Organized Crime Records and the band already managed to write new material full of innovative riffs and implement some quality arrangements. Crawl Among The Filth delivers a dark and gritty atmosphere throughout the album, with some impressive shredding, blastbeats, beatdowns, and amazing vocal skills of a longstanding vocalist Mike Score. The sound is compact and the band still manages to balance between the ferocity of metal music and massiveness of hardcore. By taking an overlook on the whole material, there’s no wonder why All Out War is one of the most respected bands on the NYHC scene because of their ability to blend both old school thrash metal and aesthetics of modern hardcore music, but still keep their unique sound which follows the band for decades. Crawl Among The Filth is also a great starting point for those who want to explore metalcore genre, so I highly recommend this album to the curious newbies who are craving some fresh quality music played by the longstanding hardcore musicians. Crawl Among The Filth has been released by Unbeaten Records and it’s available on good looking splatter vinyl, CD, but make sure to check out the rest of their impressive merchandise as well.

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