Time And Pressure – The Gateway City Sound LP (Safe Inside Records)


The Gateway City LP came right in time, when a lot of metalcore bands are ruling out. This great modern melodic hardcore album mixed up with aesthetics of old school hardcore not only suits these times, but it is pure get away from an overly produced hardcore music. I am not quite sure if that was really an intention of Time And Pressure, but they certainly nailed it. Considering this is a debut album by this St. Louis, MO band, The Gateway City is more than a great overture in their complex and unique blend of hardcore, which sometimes reminds me of bands such as Carry On, Go It Alone, Have Heart, American Nightmare, Skinking Ships, Count Me Out, Ruiner, but perhaps relying more on speed of some old school hardcore punk bands. It’s a definite return of some brighter days for hardcore music, considering that a lot of bands decided to incorporate much more metal influences into their music. Vocals are up to the task all the way through the album and vocal capabilities of Drew Maxey are adding even more rage to this incredible material. Not to mention a ridiculously brilliant performance by the rest of Time And Pressure, which features band members of Better Days, Perfect People, and New Lives.  The Gateway City Sound combines speed, intensity, the aggression of very creative musicians who are aware of their capabilities and who clearly know how to transform all of their ideas into a pure energetic hardcore punk album. The Gateway City Sound has been published by Safe Inside Records and it comes in couple color variants, such as green, orange and red, but you can also grab this brilliant album on all streaming services if you prefer consuming your music digitally.

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