Cavalcades – Let Yourself Expire


Let Yourself Expire is the latest album by Cavalcades, Scottish hardcore / post-punk band. Band managed to record and publish vast collection of records since their formation, with a split release with Roots being their first recording; then the band appeared on V/A – Dog Knights Production #2; then they’ve published one-sided 12” EP release called Coping; followed by a split releases with bands such as Coma Regalia and Heart On My Sleeve. After that split release, Cavalcades has published a debut 12” record called Lights Begin To Dance; For You And All The Rest, Forever Until The End EP; then another one-sided 12” EP called One Down For Youth’s Ideals; so after that one they’ve appeared at some screamo compilation with I Wanna Be Adored, Stone Roses Cover; followed by A Small Decline Blocks Everything Out 7” EP which has been published last year. So, as you can see, Cavalcades has been active and to be fair, all of their recordings are amazing with tons of great tunes and that’s not an excuse with Let Yourself Expire neither. As likely being almost a tradition, Cavalcades are relying on some melancholic melodies supported by the dominant bass lines, monotone mid-tempo drumming and cold and bleak, almost nondynamic vocals which are so characteristic for their recordings. The vocals are right up my alley for this kind of music, they’re unique unlike the rest of the similar bands on the scene, so perhaps the Cavalcades are mostly recognizable by their vocalist’s skills to convey dark, depressive, melancholic and emotive atmosphere which the band wants to achieve with all of their records. Even after a couple of songs listened, you can hear that Cavalcades has matured as a band, they’ve become like a fine wine, the older, the better. They put a lot of effort into the writing, arranging, recording, and producing process, so the audience can almost feel their music through the speakers. Let Yourself Expire is such a brilliant recording for some calmy moments, when you need some time off from the rest of the hardcore scene, to clear your head from the generic hardcore punk riffs. Listen to this one with clear thoughts and an open heart.

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