Ink Bomb – Fiction CD


Ink Bomb is melodic punk rock quintet hailing from Nijmegen, Netherlands. The band has managed to record dozen of material since their formation in 2015, and so far they’ve published Demo 2015; an acoustic version of Nothing With You, by the Descendents which has been published as a single; acoustic version of Cindy Lauper’s Time After Time which has also been published as a single; acoustic version of Black Me Out, originally by Against Me! which the band contributed to OutRight Action International; The Bleachers single; then the band recorded and published Invincible Summer EP back in 2016; incredible Swim EP in 2017; then a couple of singles such as Griefwalker, Scourge, Ploughshares as teasers for their debut full length simply called Fiction. The band has done this marketing move pretty well to prepare the audience for eleven brilliant melodic punk rock tunes gathered onto this compact disc. Fiction is a fine blend of 90s skatepunk music, slightly modern melodies and great elements of hardcore punk which has been implemented in the form of bits and pieces here and there. The band demonstrates their skills right with the first beats of Griefwalker and the melodic vocals are suiting well to the thoughtful music, composed to satisfy even the pickiest fans of this particular music genre. Ink Bomb is balancing between melodic structures performed by guitars and rawness of rhythm section, but actually, the vocals are holding everything in between like a glue. The entire band has a great sense for writing and composing, but the main focus is on the incredible arrangements, which are perhaps non-standard for this music genre, but they’re a smart move considering the vast majority of punk rock bands who are eventually all sounding the same. Fiction showcases the symbiosis of the involved musicians who are aware of their capabilities and potentials to write, record and perform well-thought music throughout the entire album. The weirdness of the song structures are essentially the key element of Ink Bomb and there lies the beauty of their perfectly executed compositions, presented on this fine piece of plastic. This great album has been supported by the beautiful illustrations comprised of a lot of floral elements strictly dominant all over the cover art design, so this CD release looks pretty appealing as it sounds. Fiction CD is available through Ink Bomb’s Bandcamp page and I highly recommend this one if you’re a fan of Bad Religion, No Fun At All, Pulley, Strike Anywhere, Adhesive, Ten Foot Pole, but with a bit more unique approach to songwriting and composing.

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