Jen Lush - Lovers Parting, Dawn

Jen Lush – Lovers Parting, Dawn

Jen Lush - Lovers Parting,  Dawn

Australian singer-songwriter Jen Lush has recently released Lovers Parting, Dawn, a mesmerizing new single crafted from a poem by Australian poet Kevin Brophy. It’s her first composition this year that serves as an appropriate follow-up to her previous works, but it also carries many innovations in songwriting, composing, and producing. Soundwise, Lovers Parting, Dawn is a profoundly emotive love ballad built upon the fundamentals of indie pop, indie rock, and soft rock. However, you may also notice other elements borrowed from music genres such as dream pop, classic pop, or post-rock. Every sonic ingredient invested into this ear-appealing number shapes the cathartic ambiance that will immediately grab your attention.

  • Jen Lush
  • Jen Lush

As soon as you press play, you’ll notice that Jen Lush‘s exceptional, sincere, passionate vocal performance is a centerpiece of this composition. Her ability to perfectly balance between low, mid, and high notes goes beyond comprehension many times throughout the song. It’s also nearly mindblowing how her singing technics flawlessly match all the calm, soothing, relaxing arpeggiated chord progressions, ambient guitar leads, warm-sounding basslines, and moderate rhythmic sequences. The song easily transits from entirely calm to a moderately heavier ambiance with a layer of cleverly assembled riffs that uplift Lovers Parting, Dawn on a new level. Jen Lush thought about every detail while making this fine piece of sonic artistry, so you should check Lovers Parting, Dawn as soon as possible if you’re into cleverly composed indie pop music. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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