Lucifers Beard - Mr. Invisible

Lucifers Beard – Mr. Invisible

Lucifers Beard - Mr. Invisible

Lucifers Beard is not a stranger to these pages. Quite the contrary, you had a chance to experience Shake On The Floor, an exceptional composition released by this profoundly creative artist last year. In the meantime, he unleashed The Guy With A Black Eye and Lady Loser, two catchy songs worth checking and listening to repeatedly. Lucifers Beard now returns with Mr. Invisible, another mesmerizing composition that covers the theme of extroverted behavior, which people often use to hide their real personalities. The artist explores the depths of human behaviorism and shares his thoughts about it, but this song will unquestionably force you to think about the mentioned topic as well.

Soundwise, Lucifers Beard once again explores the fundamentals of several music genres in his recognizable way. You’ll notice that alternative, grunge, punk rock, and indie are the true essence of Mr. Invisible, but the artist made a wise move and included some powerful sonic maneuvers borrowed from post-hardcore and noise rock. Of course, Lucifers Beard thoroughly considered every segment, so you’ll hear how every music genre has its place in this sonic equation. It’s also mindblowing how everything resonates with some relentless heaviness and power, but it also has that irresistible, melodic, harmonious alter-rock ambiance.

Lucifers Beard

This number would sound melodic without flawlessly performed vocal segments built upon healthy portions of low, mid, and high notes. Besides lead vocal harmonies, Lucifers Beard also planned back vocals and singalongs that undoubtedly enhance this number on an entirely new level. Of course, there are also catchy leads, themes, and melodies supported by robust chord progressions and riffs, and the artist included a vividly hearable layer of low-end tones to spice things up even more. The jaw-dropping drumming performance fully controls the remainder of the orchestrations by delivering dynamic rhythmic sequences, beats, drum fills, and other percussive acrobatics. Mr. Invinsible continuously switches between calm and aggressive segments, so this number sounds ear-appealing and entertaining from scratch to finish. You will have so much fun while listening to it, mainly because Lucifers Beard is an excellent songwriter, composer, and musician who know how to assemble perfect alternative rock compositions. The single is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it.





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