Zumindest Unguad Aufgfoin - Sindnbeg LP - Bloodshed666 Records / Wembley Prods

Zumindest Unguad Aufgfoin – Sindnbeg LP (Bloodshed666 Records / Wembley Prods)

Zumindest Unguad Aufgfoin - Sindnbeg LP - Bloodshed666 Records / Wembley Prods

We have another upcoming Bloodshed666 release on our pages today. This time, I will be talking about Sindnbeg, a new full-length from Austrian crusties Zumindest Unguad Aufgfoin. It’s been a while since we hosted anything similar to the sound of these folks. The band nurtures anarchist, antifascist, and atheist values, so you may expect songs pointed out towards police oppression, nazis, patriots, war, war profiteers, religion, multinational corporations, exploitation, etc. You’ll also notice some tracks about self-criticism, self-doubt, work, drinking, and other similar themes. Of course, the band invested a lot of effort into writing about all these themes considering there is a comprehensive collection of compositions included on a singular vinyl record.

Sindnbeg consists of two segments. The A-side carries brand new material, while the B-side collects older recordings from a fruitful decade and half-long career. Zumindest Unguad Aufgfoin nurture traditional anarcho-punk sound combined with other complementary music genres. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some of the finest properties of crust punk, hardcore punk, powerviolence, thrashcore, and grindcore. Their music carries the late eighties or early nineties crust and grindcore vibes, or something that renowned bands like Extreme Noise Terror, Electro Hippies, Doom, or many others would eventually record during their careers. Therefore, their compositions are in-your-face antiauthoritarian working-class anthems that will unquestionably appeal to all the punk rockers who love their music short, fast, and catchy.

Of course, every number consists of fuzzy and chaotic riffs and distorted basslines decorated with profoundly dynamic rhythmic acrobatics. Zumindest Unguad Aufgfoin applies all necessary sonic aesthetics, so the arrangements also resemble something you’ll heard if you explored the eighties British, European, and Japanese DIY scene. Perhaps the British eighties hardcore, grindcore, fastcore, and thrashcore sound resonate in the mix the most, but you’ll notice those slower anarcho-punk tracks as well. The band also paid attention to visual aesthetics, so the entire visual identity follows that particular era. It’s not a classic cut n paste technic, but the Zumindest Unguad Aufgfoin implemented all the right colors that point out what you might expect once you purchase this album. You should give it a listen if you’re into those audio/visual aesthetics because there’s been a very long time since you heard something like Sindnbeg LP. Keep your eyes peeled on Bloodshed666 Records website for more information on ordering this record.





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