Cyruss - Hate Dies Last LP - Bloodshed666 Records

Cyruss – Hate Dies Last LP (Bloodshed666 Records)

Cyruss - Hate Dies Last LP - Bloodshed666 Records

It’s been a while since we talked about Cyruss. I’ve listened and reviewed some of their recordings in the past, but they’re always coming out of nowhere and surprising with some new recordings. The band is sporadically active due to members being involved in the activities of Desolat, another excellent Austrian band I wrote about a few months ago. Cyruss formed in 2004 and played until 2009, but they started performing again in 2017. Since their formation, they unleashed demo recording and two full-length CDs, such as Hate/Human and Hate Songs. As you can see, Cyruss are not so prolific, but they always shine when they unleash something. That’s the case with Hate Dies Last, their brand new material, due for release sometime this year under Bloodshed666 Records.

Hate Dies Last consists of five powerful compositions performed in Cyruss’ recognizable manner. Some vinyl purists would probably argue if this is a full-length LP or an extended play release, but I will leave that debate to them. The most important fact about this material is that shines bright with sheer quality, brilliant ideas, and exceptional musicianship. For those who might not know, Cyruss are heavily into sludge metal, but that’s not the only music genre you’ll stumble upon at this ear-appealing sonic journey. These folks are into doom, stoner, and various kinds of metal, of whom black metal probably resonates the most, but also some hardcore and crust punk too. Of course, Cyruss aren’t joking around with their sound. Each composition comes as a perfect combination of all or a couple of beforementioned music styles that the band wisely constructed to depict such heavy, powerful, grimy, fuzzy sonic imagery. The band carefully assembled everything to satisfy even the pickiest admirers of sludge metal, so the pleasant listening experience during consuming Hate Dies Last is more than guaranteed.

Cyruss solely relies upon complex sonic maneuvers based upon heavily distorted riffs, equally detailed distorted basslines, and enormously groovy rhythmic sequences. Hate Dies Last will be right up your alley if you’re looking for a comprehensive collection of wisely implemented guitar maneuvers. However, the band hasn’t forgotten about some melodies and harmonies, and you may expect those virtuosities as well. It’s also nice how the sound engineer/producer thought about every instrument, so you’ll vividly hear all the ideas that Cyruss invested into this material. The rhythm section delivers even more heaviness through excellent low-end tones and drumming performance built upon delicate beats, various accentuations, breaks, fills, and other percussive acrobatics. The vocals range from classic shoutouts to more blackened screams, but you’ll hear other singing technics along the way. The band unquestionably invested enormous time and ideas into this record, and the effort paid off in an incredible sludge metal album worth repeating all the time. Hate Dies Last is simultaneously heavy, dark, fuzzy, and energetic, so you should check it out as soon as possible. Head to Bloodshed666 Records for more information about ordering this gem.





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