Monument - Abyss - Hummus Records

Monument – Abyss (Hummus Records)

Monument - Abyss - Hummus Records

We have another excellent release on our pages today. It’s been a while since we covered Hummus Records releases, so this album comes just in time for a review. I have to admit this is the first time I’m stumbling upon Monument, although the name sounded familiar like I heard them before. Perhaps Abyss is Monument’s debut full-length album, but you’ll immediately notice you’ve been dealing with experienced musicians active in many well-known Swiss bands. These folks are not joking around with their sound, and that’s vividly hearable throughout the entire material. Also, it’s nearly mindblowing how they stacked each composition with so many sonic delicacies that will undoubtedly question your music knowledge.

Abyss carries eight jaw-dropping compositions that range from enormously minimalistic to ultimately complex. Monument explores so many genres in each track that you’ll need several listens to grasp them all. Therefore, each number differs in mood and ambiance because of these profound experimentations, but they all resonate in sheer uniqueness. Maybe post-punk and post-rock come to mind first, but you’ll also notice progressive rock, alternative, industrial, noise, noise pop, ambient, and other experimental or avant-garde genres. Some readers might think this is too many music genres stacked onto a singular album, but Abyss has a perfect flow that will appeal to even the pickiest listeners. They thoroughly planned each orchestration to fit nicely into the primary sonic direction, so this album undoubtedly offers a pleasant listening experience.

Monument continuously levitates between calm orchestrations where pleasant, soothing, cathartic ambiance dominates over moderate instrumentations provided by the remainder of the band and more challenging, heavy, complex virtuosities where noisy leads strike hard alongside heavy riffs, distorted basslines, and dynamic beats. The band improvises and experiments with all the ideas, but everything fits nicely in this sonic equation. Abyss sounds entertaining from scratch to finish without repetitious, boring, or predictable moments. Therefore, Monument will keep you focused on the music all the time. It’s also jaw-dropping how this band switches from calm to aggressive mood without losing consistency and balance. This album is a must for all those admirers of perfectly executed, flawlessly composed, unpredictable experimental/avant-garde music. Head to Hummus Records for more information about ordering Abyss on a limited edition vinyl record.





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