The Public Eye - Upper Parliament

The Public Eye – Upper Parliament

The Public Eye - Upper Parliament

After the series of singles like Twister, Out Of Line, Adelaine, Blue Note, Broken Politicians, and the extended play release called In The Out Building, Derby-based band The Public Eye returns with another exceptional track. Upper Parliament is their first single in 2023, and it talks about the social issues in their hometown. Soundwise, The Public Eye went a step further, so Upper Parliament showcases some explorations into the post-punk sound. You’ll notice some of the finest elements of this genre, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some new wave, indie rock, alternative, and Brit-pop sonic maneuvers. The band thoroughly planned every detail while assembling this magnificent piece of sonic artistry, and that is vividly hearable in the song structure.

The Public Eye

Each segment showcases some of the vital elements of the mentioned music genres. You’ll notice how the lead theme shapes a post-punk ambiance while the riffs explore more alternative and indie rock aesthetics. It’s nearly mindblowing how both guitars work harmoniously during the leads, verses, and choruses, while the equally complex basslines provide more heaviness and power. Still, all these orchestrations leave enough room for the vocal harmonies, which are unquestionably a centerpiece of this song. Of course, Upper Parliament wouldn’t sound this good without the profoundly dynamic, groovy, energetic rhythmic sequences based upon cleverly assembled beats, breaks, and fills. Upper Parliament maybe differs from their previous works, but this style undoubtedly suits them well and showcases that The Public Eye are capable of writing, composing, recording, and producing genre-bending tracks worth listening to repeatedly. The single is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it.





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