Vented - Cruelty And Corruption

Vented To Release “Cruelty And Corruption” On Vinyl

Vented - Cruelty And Corruption announced a vinyl release of Vented’s full-length debut album “Cruelty And Corruption” which has been released in December of 2022.

After the succesful release of the DIGIPAK and jewel case CD editions of “Cruelty And Corruption”, we are ready to release a stunning gold/black splatter 180-gram vinyl for the album which comes as a remaster on the 5th of May.

The band’s vocalist Sean Zatorsky shared his thoughts about the record: “This record was a masterpiece the moment it was born. The crushing riffs, sick ass guitar tone, amazing samples and insane drumming brought this album to my TOP 5 all time records to listen to, and not to mention be a apart of. When Greg approached me about this record I immediately knew it was going to be devastating. I wrote several songs about what was happening in my life at the time, to what became a very dark and emotional record. We had originally had Joey Jordison slated to do the drums, he helped with the logo design and the band name, and helped with the direction of a few of the songs. We dedicate this record to him. “Vigil” is about him and losing one of my very close friends. He will forever be remembered for his contributions to Vented and will always be in our hearts. Hails and Horns bloods! As Joey would always say. Miss you dude!”





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