Ye Angst - Sundown

Ye Angst – Sundown

Ye Angst - Sundown

Melbourne-based Ye Angst is one of those prolific music projects that shines bright with enormous quality since its beginnings. The proof lies in a comprehensive collection of singles and EPs that burst with brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship. Sundown is one of those singles worth revisiting anytime if you’re profoundly into rock music, but it will unquestionably appeal to anyone who’s into catchy, ear-appealing guitar music. Perhaps Sundown almost solely relies upon the fundamentals of a rock sound, but this composition carries so many sonic delicacies borrowed from other complementary music genres. You’ll notice how music genres such as funk, progressive rock, art rock, classic rock, and hard rock inspired this creative artist to write, compose, record, and produce such an incredible track. Still, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other styles along the way because Sundown carries plenty of them.

Ye Angst - Sundown

It’s nearly mindblowing how Ye Angst assembled the entire composition together without spoiling the primary sonic direction. Sundown shines bright with a sound that meets all the trends in music production, but the orchestrations vividly resemble the late seventies, eighties, and nineties funk and rock music. All these sonic maneuvers play a significant role in shaping such a complex, mesmerizing, beautiful ambiance that sometimes might resonate with some progressive rock aesthetics. You’ll notice the impressive virtuosities, leads, themes, melodies, and harmonies performed on semi-distorted guitar. However, these orchestrations don’t overwhelm the vividly hearable, equally complex, warm-sounding basslines and profoundly dynamic rhythmic structures built upon perfectly accentuated beats. Ye Angst thoroughly planned every segment, so your listening apparatus will enjoy from scratch to finish. It’s also interesting how Sundown carries progressive orchestrations, but it feels more like a cheerful funk-rock composition that will appeal even to the pickiest fans of the genre. Ye Angst proved once again he’s a musical mastermind who never ceases to amaze. The single is available on all streaming platforms.




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