SOI - Free Thoughts

SOI – Free Thoughts

SOI - Free Thoughts

After a couple of singles like Burning and Movie and an extended play release called Through The Window, Ho Chi Minh-based artist SOI returns with another mindblowing composition. Perhaps this is the third standalone single in a row, but SOI showcases tremendous writing, composing, recording, and producing skills through a mesmerizing number that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of progressive music. Free Thoughts burst with many impressive ideas, and there’s always exceptional musicianship to back these things to the max. Therefore, you can expect the sheer dominance of progressive pop and progressive rock, but with many enhancements, accentuations, and decorations borrowed from indie rock, indie pop, classic pop, alternative, etc. SOI stacked this composition with all the vital elements of these music genres, but don’t be surprised if you discover more while listening to this ear-appealing track.


You’ll immediately notice SOI’s jaw-dropping musicianship. He’s not joking around with his compositions, and that’s a fact. Free Thoughts carries many exceptional melodies, harmonies, and virtuosities. The artist included calm, relaxing, and soothing chord progressions supported by equally complex low-end tones that contribute to the sheer power of this song. Of course, the well-accentuated beats keep the remainder of the composition in line but also serve more than the necessary dosage of dynamics. You’ll hear how SOI’s admiration for progressive music bursts from every instrument. Still, there’s a catchy pop twist, which also defines the cathartic ambiance. SOI is also an experienced singer whose vocal perfectly suits all the beforementioned orchestrations. As soon as you press play, you’ll realize you are listening to the skillful musician capable of writing and composing beautiful progressive songs. Free Thoughts is available for listening on all streaming platforms.





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