Lontalius Released New Single “I Want, I Want, I Want”


New Zealand-based indie pop singer/songwriter Lontalius releases new single ‘I Want, I Want, I Want’ via Kartel Music Group. Produced by Jeff Kleinman (Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, FKA Twigs), the track is a frenetic expression of queer desire built around a glitchy drum loop and Lontalius’ yearning vocals.

“The song is an expression of frustration and angst towards pretty much everything in life, and the feeling that the person you’re dancing beside might solve everything”, explains Lontalius“It’s not a rational feeling and I’m sure all that angst is just projection, but I think I needed to say it out loud. I usually express myself in a more downtempo energy but it felt right to let this one go off the rails”.

Lontalius adds: “Working with Jeff has almost certainly been the most productive collaboration of my career. Following the last Lontalius album which I produced myself, I was really looking for a collaboration that would allow me to flourish as a songwriter. It feels like a true step forward, and a true extension of what I believe Lontalius to be. Jeff understood my world and took it to a place that I could never get to alone”.

Lontalius’ first release since last year’s deluxe edition of the 2021 LP Someone “Will Be There For You”, ‘I Want, I Want, I Want’ is a dramatic departure from the soft lo-fi guitar-forward music he has primarily released prior. Citing influences from Jeremih and Kehlani to Elliott Smith and Wilco, the single merges Lontalius’ alt-indie style with Jeff’s background in R&B/hip-hop production.

With over 110 million streams and 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Lontalius has carved a spot for himself in the alt-pop space, releasing his first LP in 2016 at the age of 18. To date, he’s released four EPs and three albums, plus more EPs and many remixes as his electronic producer alter-ego Race Banyon. He’s earned fans across the world with his deeply relatable lyricism that combines his experience as a young queer person with the universal experience of growing up.

The new track comes fresh off the heels of Lontalius’ run supporting nothing,nowhere through Australia, and next month, he will make his SXSW debut.






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