Loucas Bretz - Hotel Melody

Loucas Bretz – Hotel Melody

Loucas Bretz - Hotel Melody

After three exceptional compositions such as Golden Skies, Autumn Leaves, and Lower Queensland, released in 2022, London-based solo artist Loucas Bretz unleashed another divine single. Hotel Melody is his first number this year, which serves as an appropriate follow-up to the previous works. However, it seems this particular composition bursts with so many innovations in songwriting, composing, recording quality, and production. Loucas Bretz made it a step further, and there’s no doubt Hotel Melody will appeal to all the fans of easy-listening alternative rock music. Still, there are many other genres lurking around. Besides the sheer dominance of alternative rock, you’ll notice some of the finest properties of progressive rock, art rock, indie rock, and classic rock. The artist also included some elements borrowed from instrumental, psychedelic, lounge, and cinematic ambient music, but all these sonic ingredients serve as more than necessary enhancements, accentuations, and decorations. All these details improve the pleasant listening experience, which becomes even more evident after a couple of listens.

  • Loucas Bretz
  • Loucas Bretz
  • Loucas Bretz

Loucas Bretz unquestionably explores a progressive side of alternative rock music. Hotel Melody bursts with exquisite virtuosities, melodies, and harmonies that simultaneously shape a mesmerizing ambiance. These sonic maneuvers will appeal even to the pickiest fans of the genre, mainly because Bretz invested heart and soul into this composition, and effort undoubtedly paid off in a fine piece of sonic artistry worth revisiting all the time. Besides Bretz’s impressive guitar performance, you’ll also notice how he thought about other orchestrations, such as those showcased through brilliant piano leads, warm-sounding basslines, or profoundly detailed rhythmic sequences. This number is entirely instrumental, but who needs vocals besides such incredible musicianship? Hotel Melody appears as an exploration into the depths of progressive music, but it still retains that calm cinematic ambiance, suitable for any mood or occasion. Loucas Bretz is a musical genius who deserves your utmost attention. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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