Doomina - Doomina LP - Noise Appeal Records

Doomina – Doomina LP (Noise Appeal Records)

Doomina - Doomina LP - Noise Appeal Records

Once again, we have Doomina on our pages. Some of you may remember my writings about Orenda, their exceptional fourth album. Their music immediately knocked my socks off, and I was curious enough to discover/research more about this superb Austrian post-rock act. Today, I am delving deep into their discography by revisiting their third, self-titled album, thanks to amazing folks at Noise Appeal Records. Like any other Noise Appeal artist/band, Doomina are not solely into one particular genre. Therefore, take that categorization into the post-rock as a starting point. These guys are into many complementary music genres, but let me describe the looks of this record first. This self-titled full-length comes in a high-quality cardboard sleeve decorated with an abstract photomanipulation/artwork of a tree. There’s a distinctive symbolism, but I will leave that up to you because everyone has a different perception. The back cover carries black background decorated with a tracklist, all the necessary information about the band, and the record label. The marbled brown or almost golden vinyl looks divine as well. Doomina and Noise Appeal thought about everything, and this record will be such a treat to the listeners both visually and sonically.

The album contains five longevous compositions suitable for anyone into skilfully arranged post-rock music. Doomina are known for their ambient overtures, decorated with many ear-appealing orchestrations, so that’s the case with this material. The majority of this full-length follows nearly the same formula. Therefore, the band usually commences with calm, soothing, relaxing, cathartic instrumentations but gradually becomes heavier and more powerful. You’ll notice many downtempo, half-time rhythmic sequences where the drummer takes all the time to accentuate every segment of these songs. It’s mandatory when beats are dominantly slow, and these percussive acrobatics work to the advantage of these tracks. You’ll also notice vividly hearable, complex, warm-sounding basslines that perfectly match the remainder of the rhythm section. The guitars sound otherworldly from scratch to finish. You’ll be blown away by all the ideas, creativity, and effort that both guitar players invested into these compositions. Each number comes with wild dualities between lead and rhythm guitar. You’ll easily detect how all the leads, melodies, harmonies, and other virtuosities pair the arpeggiated chord progressions and aggressive, downtuned riffs.

Perhaps Doomina explores the vast universe built upon post-rock and post-metal sonic maneuvers, but other genres are lurking around as well. The sludge and stoner come to mind first, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon cinematic ambient, shoegaze, rock, psychedelic, progressive, and art rock. These experienced musicians stacked this self-titled full-length with so many sonic delicacies that they will become one of your favorite post-rock bands. The album is available as a part of the Doomina vinyl bundle at the Noise Appeal web store, so head over there for more information about ordering.





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