Ochi - Priče Iz Djetinjstva EP - Geenger Records

Ochi – Priče Iz Djetinjstva EP (Geenger Records)

Ochi - Priče Iz Djetinjstva EP - Geenger Records

We got accustomed to hosting news or posting reviews about Geenger Records releases. Somehow, it’s strange if something new doesn’t pop up by this prolific label at least monthly. Luckily enough, they started 2023 with a bang, and the particular release I would talk about today is no exception either. I am thrilled Ochi released another EP that went so well in the media because these guys deserved all the praise they got so far. If you’re familiar with this Croatian band, you probably know about their working ethic. These guys continuously organize shows through Distune Promotion, tour the region, work on their new merch, think about visual aesthetics, and everything else all the serious underground band should do to promote its activities. They’re one of the most exciting regional bands who dare to experiment to the point of shapeshifting the sound even further into the depths/fundamentals of several music genres, but this working ethic totally suits and works well for them.

Ochi put out a critically acclaimed Tremor EP a couple of years ago, and now, they’re back with Priče Iz Djetinjstva, another exceptional extended play release worth checking out if you’re into modern underground music with a subtle touch of emotion. These guys are not easy to define, because few genres are roaming around in their songs, and they’re all equally responsible for shaping the sound of Ochi we know and adore today. Of course, post-hardcore comes to mind first, but there are also some fundamentals of grunge, emo, post-metal, and post-rock included along the way. The best part about all these combinations and experimentations is their ability to shapeshift themselves, bend all the rules, and create something fresh, unique, different, and most importantly, appealing to the listening apparatus.

Priče Iz Djetinjstva is not another typical post-hardcore release. Judging by the content, Ochi unquestionably avoided the cliches, which is relieving in so many ways. On the contrary, they tried something new and applied all the qualities of post-hardcore to the strong grunge base. Still, that’s not all because these guys are big fans of modern metal, post-metal, and post-rock. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you stumble on some experimentations with those aesthetics because there are many included from scratch to finish. The EP commences with a longevous intro, which was maybe unnecessary considering this is an EP release, but everything makes more sense once the regular track appears. The band sounds even better than before, with all those new ideas, approaches, and aesthetics included on every number. Surprisingly, Ochi sound even better with each new track and unquestionably avoided another cliche seen or heard in many contemporary post-hardcore releases, and that’s placing potential bangers on the top of the EP.

From skillfully performed clean vocal harmonies, powerful screams, and shouts to excellent riffs, basslines, and dynamic rhythmic performance, Ochi prove again why they’re a well-received act whenever and wherever they perform live. These guys are throwing serious punches with all those passive-aggressive sonic maneuvers, empowered by a luxurious dosage of sincere emotions. They combine melancholy, anxiety, and desperation with raw aggression, abrasiveness, and violence without losing consistency along the way. It’s a drastic move forward in lyrical and sonic aesthetics, but they left the visual imagery intact. Considering these guys are backed up by an outstanding graphic artist, they don’t have anything to worry about, and their future can only look even brighter. Priče Iz Detinjstva is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it.





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