Maybe Human ft. Professor Electric - The Deviant Landlord

Maybe Human ft. Professor Electric – The Deviant Landlord

Maybe Human ft. Professor Electric - The Deviant Landlord

After the successful collab with Professor Electric called Procession To The King, Los-Angeles based artist Maybe Human returns with another excellent composition. Maybe Human continues his collaborations with Professor Electric on The Deviant Landlord, an exceptional track fully stacked with mesmerizing ideas and musicianship. For those unfamiliar with the works of Maybe Human, you may expect several music genres combined into a colossal slab built upon harmonious virtuosities. Perhaps art rock comes to mind first, but there are other complementary music genres like progressive rock, psychedelic rock, post-punk, and indie. Still, these additional sonic ingredients serve as enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other qualities that define only the best art rock numbers.

Maybe Human
Maybe Human
Professor Electric
Professor Electric

You’ll immediately notice complex chord progressions and basslines. It’s nearly mindblowing how Maybe Human combined these two elements, mainly because these instruments burst with impressive melodies. Another thing that unquestionably defines the ambiance are the powerful shoutouts that will remind you of something post-punk and punk rock bands would eventually do on their recordings. However, The Deviant Landlord is a straightforward art rock track with jaw-dropping progressive/psychedelic ambiance. Of course, this composition wouldn’t sound so divine without moderate rhythmic sequences that keep the remainder of the orchestrations in line. The Deviant Landlord is solid proof that Maybe Human is a mastermind who undoubtedly knows how to write, compose, and produce catchy art-rock songs. You should check out this single as soon as possible if you’re into progressive music. The Deviant Landlord is available on all streaming platforms.





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