Mini Nihil - So Please

Mihi Nihil – So Please

Mini Nihil - So Please

After four singles like Vertigo, I Eat You, Be There, Falling Star, and a self-titled full-length album, Los Angeles-based quartet Mihi Nihil returns with another exceptional piece of sonic artistry. So Please is a soulful composition that continuously dances between several complementary music genres. You’ll immediately notice how soul music inspired these experienced musicians to write, compose, and produce such a mesmerizing song, but as usually is the case, there’s even more than meets the eye. Mihi Nihil combine some of the finest properties of Americana, blues, classic rock, goth rock, punk rock, and folk to illustrate luxurious, divine sonic imagery based upon calm, relaxing, soothing, and cathartic vocal harmonies and orchestrations.

  • Mini Nihil
  • Mini Nihil
  • Mini Nihil

You’ll immediately notice exceptional vocal harmonies skillfully performed to satisfy even the pickiest fans of these music genres. The experienced vocalist is a centerpiece of this song, and her vocal capabilities are utterly mind-blowing. The remainder of the band shapes up the cathartic atmosphere based upon abrasive, heavily distorted chord progressions and riffs, ear-appealing melodies, detailed basslines, and half-time rhythmic structures. Mihi Nihil thought about every detail while assembling So Please, so each segment bursts with pleasant tones that will force you to pay attention while listening. So Please is probably the best rock composition you’ll hear in a while, so give it a listen as soon as possible. The single is available on all streaming services.





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