OCNA - Because

OCNA – Because

OCNA - Because

We have another exceptional indie rock group on our pages. OCNA is an indie rock quartet from Brighton, UK, and Because is one of their compositions you surely don’t want to miss. It’s the third track from a series of singles this hardworking group launched in 2022. Perhaps OCNA explore the fundamentals of indie rock music, but their sound carries some of the finest properties borrowed from other complementary music genres. Therefore, you’ll stumble upon elements of shoegaze, post-rock, alternative, and cinematic ambient music. OCNA follows the footsteps of their previous works, but Because also carries a unique ambiance that makes this particular song even more fresh, unique, and appealing to the listening apparatus.

Photo by Neil Robertson

OCNA solely relies on a luxurious atmosphere empowered by reverby/detailed/catchy chord progressions, equally complex/warm-sounding basslines, and exceptional half-time rhythmic sequences. Still, this number wouldn’t sound this incredible without the lead vocal harmonies. The vocal channel carries the same percentage of studio reverb as other instruments, so it perfectly suits all the melodies, harmonies, rhythmic acrobatics, and ambiance. Each musician involved in this band provides an exceptional musical performance that enhances Because on an entirely new, divine, cathartic level. This number is so easy-listening, ear-appealing, and beautiful, and there’s no doubt you will fall in love with every segment of it. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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