Bregn - Dopamine Mind

Bregn – Dopamine Mind

Bregn - Dopamine Mind

Dopamine Mind is the latest single by Danish indie artist Bregn. It’s released today via all streaming platforms, and it’s one of those perfect songs when you need some good music to relax during the weekend. This style doesn’t come as a surprise if you’re familiar with Bregn‘s work, but for those unfamiliar with this highly creative artist, Bregn is a master of the craft. Since its inception in 2020, he unleashed seven calm, soothing, cathartic indie singles that perfectly match any mood, moment, or situation. That’s the case with Dopamine Mind as well, and you’ll love this song even if you’re not into ear-appealing indie music.

Photo by Jonas Mikkelsen

Perhaps Bregn explores the vast universe built upon catchy vocal harmonies, pleasant melodies, calm ambiances, and downtempo beats, but other music genres are also involved in this process. You’ll hear some of the finest properties of alternative or indie folk, art rock, retro soft rock, power pop, psych pop, and lo-fi music. It’s nearly mindblowing how Bregn assembled all these elements together into a colossal, easy-listening slab consisting of divine indie melodies, harmonies, segments, and sequences. Dopamine Mind sparks your interest to listen to this number repetitiously for a while, and then eventually check out the remainder of Bregn’s discography. It’s undoubtedly one of the best indie tracks you’ll hear this year. Dopamine Mind is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it!






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