Jodie Elizabeth King - Flesh And Bone

Jodie Elizabeth King – Flesh And Bone

Jodie Elizabeth King - Flesh And Bone
Photo by Eleanor Hickey

Flesh And Bone is a debut single by Jodie Elizabeth King, an exceptional alt-pop artist from Leven in Fife, UK. Although it is her first piece of work, King already showcases tremendous experience, skills, and creativity through divine vocal harmonies, low and high-pitched decorations, longevous cathartic ambiances, and soothing chord progressions performed on acoustic guitar. Jodie Elizabeth King‘s performance sounds stable, confident, sincere, and convincing. It provides a sense of comfort and perfectly matches all the orchestrations included within this number. Those profoundly into this genre know these are characteristics of some of the best alternative pop compositions, and Flesh And Bone is unquestionably one of the best tracks you’ll hear this year.

Jodie Elizabeth King
Photo by Eleanor Hickey

Perhaps Jodie Elizabeth King almost solely relies upon the fundamentals of an alternative pop sound, but there are some other sonic ingredients included along the way. You’ll notice some of the finest properties of ambient, cinematic, post-rock, psych-pop, and indie-pop music, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other elements as well. Flesh And Bone has a perfect structure decorated with clever arrangements, enhancements, accentuations, and other sonic delicacies that define only the best alt-pop songs. Her debut single sounds way better than some recordings I heard from much more experienced, renowned artists/bands. You should unquestionably check out Flesh And Bone as soon as possible because there are big chances you will fall in love with this song and place it on your indie playlist.






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