• Jodie Elizabeth King – Flesh And Bone

    Jodie Elizabeth King – Flesh And Bone

    Flesh And Bone is a debut single by Jodie Elizabeth King, an exceptional alt-pop artist from Leven in Fife, UK. Although it is her first piece of work, King already showcases tremendous experience, skills, and creativity through divine vocal harmonies, low and high-pitched decorations, longevous cathartic ambiances, and soothing chord progressions performed on acoustic guitar.…

  • Ritual Cloak – Shell

    Ritual Cloak – Shell

    After the series of singles launched in 2019 and three excellent full-length releases such as a debut self-titled album, Divine Invasions, and A Human Being Is The Best Disguise, Cardiff-based duo Ritual Cloak returns with another outstanding composition. Shell is their second single this year, which serves as an appropriate continuation of their previous recordings.…