Nowherejam - Spotlight

Nowherejam – Spotlight

Nowherejam - Spotlight

The international alternative rock powerhouse Nowherejam is back with Spotlight, a recently released extended play release consisting of four powerful compositions with a sole focus on a title track. Spotlight is a perfect introductory song if you’re stumbling upon this excellent band for the first time. It embraces all the vital elements of contemporary alternative rock but also carries some of the finest properties of complementary music genres. Therefore, you may expect some resemblances with garage, punk rock, hard rock, and indie rock bands. Still, Nowherejam nurtures such a distinctive sound that comes as a bit of refreshment on the contemporary music scene.

You will immediately notice how all these ingredients shape up the dense, rich, complex sound of Nowherejam. The guitars are unquestionably one of the carriers of all that heavy, energetic, aggressive alt-rock sound, but the remainder of the instruments play a significant role in constructing the dynamics of the song. Besides powerful riffs, various accentuations, guitar licks, and solos, you’ll notice equally complex basslines that also contribute to the powerful output of the entire band. Nothing would sound so profoundly dynamic without perfectly assembled rhythmic sequences decorated with many enhancements, decorations, drum fills, and other percussive acrobatics. The lead vocalist Mellissa Jane shines bright in the limelight with a confident vocal performance. Her high-pitched and semi-distorted singing serves as guidance throughout the song. Nowherejam created a catchy rock track that invites you to check out the entire EP. Therefore, head to your favorite streaming platform and check out their excellent music.





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