Faint On Call - Harpoon

Faint On Call – Harpoon

Faint On Call - Harpoon

After the critically acclaimed debut single Pearl, a San Francisco-based quartet Faint On Call returns with another excellent composition that will unquestionably appeal to your ears, no matter which music genre you prefer. Harpoon showcases innovations, improvements, and fresh ideas implemented into a brilliant indie rock song. Still, it perfectly matches their previous composition, so perhaps these two singles will eventually end up on some EP or a full-length soon. Whatever may be the case, Faint On Call sounds divine from scratch to finish. Perhaps these folks base their sound around the fundamentals of contemporary indie rock, but some other elements are lurking in the mix. Harpoon includes some of the finest properties of stoner, alternative, hard rock, and psychedelic rock. Still, these are only some enhancements, decorations, and accentuations while indie rock remains their primary sonic direction.

Faint On Call
Photo by Jorge Cazares

Faint On Call successfully levitate between heavy, robust, downtuned riffs and calm arpeggiated chord progressions throughout the entire song. The band paid so much attention while assembling Harpoon, so you’ll hear all those transitional segments, or should I call them pre-choruses, where they prepare the listener for a powerful chorus. Besides the excellent riffs, chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, and other sonic delicacies, Faint On Call thought about low-ends as well, so you’ll hear equally complex basslines from scratch to finish. The enormously energetic drumming performance is solely responsible for all the dynamics, and you’ll be blown away by all the detailed rhythmic sequences, accentuations, and fills included within this track. The vocal harmonies are so hypnotic, catchy, addictive, and they perfectly suit all the orchestrations. This singing style invites you to spin this track over again, and I couldn’t imagine any other suitable vocalist who could match these vocal abilities. You should check out this song immediately if you’re looking for some cleverly assembled, heavy indie rock music. Harpoon is available on all streaming platforms.






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