The Somnambulist - Some More Songs Lost in Themselves EP

The Somnambulist – Some More Songs Lost in Themselves EP

The Somnambulist - Some More Songs Lost in Themselves EP

Many bands try to create something that the crowd never heard of before. Considering how many bands pop up on streaming services daily, this is a difficult task to maintain. However, some bands like The Somnambulist merged several complementary genres to create a whole different listening experience, and their latest EP is more than solid proof of it. This Berlin-based trio exceeds all expectations, and their Some More Songs Lost in Themselves EP may sound like a hard bite to chew. However, it will be a solid bar of gold for experienced ears that seek complex, chaotic, and weird music.

Even if you delve into the depths of post-punk, art-punk, noise rock, psych-rock, experimental rock, post-hardcore, or some avant-garde music genres for years, you’ll admit Some More Songs Lost in Themselves is a unique material. It’s a well-hidden avant-garde rock gem hidden beneath piles of corporate rock, bland indie, or endlessly boring pop-punk music that continuously pops up in the suggestions on almost all streaming services. This release isn’t one of those heavily advertised albums, but it’s unquestionably one of the best you’ll hear this year. The Somnambulist consists of enormously experienced musicians who deeply understand how progressive music works. Still, they also adore those avant-garde, chaotic, raw post-punk, punk rock, and art-punk bands that roamed the scene for decades. It’s a win-win situation because you’ll finally hear the progressive side of post-punk music, where the band showcases all the ideas and abilities.

Each composition bursts with some unique qualities. They thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver, so every song differs from another, no matter if we’re talking about the dynamics, ideas, ambiance, or anything else. You will have to listen to this material repetitiously to grasp all the orchestrations these guys included in their numbers. From enormously progressive themes, melodies, harmonies, improvisations, catchy chord progressions, and riffs to equally complex basslines and cleverly arranged drumming sequences, The Somnambulist incorporated everything you ever needed from avant-rock music. The vocal harmonies resemble the performances of some renowned eighties goth rock and post-punk singers. This singing technic perfectly matches the progressive side of this band, and I highly recommend Some More Songs Lost in Themselves if you want to expand your musical vocabulary. This release is available on CD, so head to The Somnambulist Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.






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