Heaven For Real - Energy Bar LP - Mint Records

Heaven For Real – Energy Bar LP (Mint Records)

Heaven For Real - Energy Bar LP - Mint Records

If you’re looking for some fresh indie music, look no further. Heaven For Real got you covered with their latest offering, Energy Bar LP. It’s been a while since this release came out, but the vinyl record recently arrived at our headquarters for a review. I assume the vinyl production was delayed in the pressing plants due to the overwhelming demand for this particular sound carrier. Heaven For Real is probably one of the best indie bands you’ll hear in a very long time. These folks come from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and Energy Bar is not their only record. Quite the contrary, you should also check out their debut full-length Kill Your Memory, Wanton EP, Sweet Rose Green Winter Desk Top Tell This Side Autumn Of The Fighter Hot In A Cool Way EP, and singles such as O So Tired, Sweet Rose Winter Desk Top, Slow Clap, and Do Your Worst.

Energy Bar carries ten excellent indie rock compositions suitable for any mood, moment, or occasion. The band and Mint Records heavily promoted this material with Slow Clap, Do Your Worst, and Energy Bar, three introductory singles that showcase what you might expect of this record. Of course, these singles sound good, but I think the remainder of the material deserves much more attention because these guys invested some brilliant ideas into them. I’ve used indie rock as a starting point, but Heaven For Real are into many genres, and their music is more than solid proof of it. You’ll notice how some of the finest properties of art rock, math rock, psychedelic rock, new wave, power pop, and indie pop play a significant role in shaping their sound. These numbers are so calm, soothing, and cathartic. However, Heaven For Real are also experienced musicians who like to write and compose progressive, detailed, and complex indie songs that unquestionably apply to your listening apparatus.

There’s a thick layer of power pop ambiance lurking above these compositions, and flawlessly lead vocal parts, back vocals, and singalongs are mainly responsible for it. They thought about it to the point you’ll hear how these tracks become even more complex once the vocals kick in. The art and math rock virtuosities, chord progressions, melodies, and themes are divine. Each song comes with a set of detailed sonic delicacies delivered on guitars that pretty much define everything. Heaven For Real recorded these songs without a bass guitar, but they sound rich. You’ll get the impression the bass guitar lurks beneath those dense layers of harmonious sound, but those are just guitars doing their job. Of course, nothing would sound so energetic, and complex without exceptional drumming performance based upon equally complex rhythmic sequences, technically demanding accentuations, hectic drum fills, and other percussive acrobatics.

Heaven For Real sounds divine from scratch to finish. I wouldn’t be surprised if this release ends up on your top 10 list for 2022. Energy Bar comes on ultra-limited black ice vinyl, standard black vinyl, cassette, and CD, but it is also available on all streaming platforms. Head to Mint Records for more information about ordering this indie gem.






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