NH3 Shared The Video For “Take Your Time”


NH3 return with “Take Your Time,” a new single for an important anniversary: celebrating twenty years on stage and on the road across Europe.

Born in Pesaro in the summer of 2002, the band reaches its maturity in 2011 with the album “Heroes Without a Face.” For the occasion, they change their name from Ammoniaka to NH3, sanctioning the transition, the break from the adolescent phase to a more conscious approach to making music.

The years have seen them grow their audience, especially in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where the band from Pesaro is now at home.

Festivals, tours and concerts bring NH3 to the Muttis Booking roster with the album “Rise Up,” while with the following “Hate and Hope” they now consolidate their presence at the European level among the most active and followed punk rock bands of the Continent.

2019 sees them release “Superhero,” an album that manages to combine the most diverse influences in NH3’s sound, from hardcore punk to ska-funk. The album is released in Europe by Long Beach Recordings and in North America by Canada’s People of Punk Rock. The album is followed by a surprise single, “Waiting Room,” a Fugazi classic revisited in collaboration with Chris #2 of the American band Anti-Flag.

The road traveled leads them today to release the brand new single “Take Your Time,” which already stands as a track to add to the anthems to be sung and danced to under the NH3 stage.

Musically it pushes the band’s creative boundaries beyond the territories they have already explored, playing with new and fresh rhythms and melodies.

As is often the case, it is in the lyrics that NH3 find their communicative dimension, and “Take Your Time” does not miss an opportunity to combine music with words that speak to the listener’s heart.

The band comments: “The single takes shape with the precise idea of making people reflect on the passage of time, time as a place to inhabit rather than something to chase and measure. A point of view that without a retrospective stamp fails to understand the present preventing any future projection.

In a time when he is asked to function before he exists, the protagonist immerses himself in thinking about a path that has led him to recognize himself. “TakeYour Time” slows down the rhythms of a band that reached the 20-year mark, stops and looks at the road traveled, realizes what is left and wonders about future prospects. NH3 have never just written stories, however, so in the narrative of this single lies a condemnation of a present that chases “doing” without leaving room for “being.””

The single was produced, arranged and recorded by Simo Perini (formerly on drums with bands such as Guttermouth, This Is A Standoff, Bloody Beetroots) in Pesaro in September 2022, mixed and mastered by Simo Perini and Totonno Nevone @ Duff Studios.

NH3 have announced the first dates of the XX YEARS TOUR:

09.12.22 DE Köln, Sonic Ballroom

10.12.22 DE Kronach, Struwelpeters

27.01.23 DE Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei

28.01.23 CH Bern, Blaues Pferd Festival

10.02.23 DE Wiesbaden, Kreativfabrik

11.02.23 DE Glachau, Cafe Taktlo

03.03.23 DE Hamburg, Hafenklang

04.03.23 DE Berlin, Clash

24.03.23 DE Hannover, Lux

25.03.23 DE Oberhausen, Druckluft

28.04.23 DE Fürth, Kopf & Kragen

29.04.23 DE Viersen, Rockshicht





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