Virgins - Transmit A Little Heaven LP - Blowtorch Records

Virgins – Transmit A Little Heaven LP (Blowtorch Records)

Virgins - Transmit A Little Heaven LP - Blowtorch Records

A parcel with records from our dear friends at Blowtorch Records arrived last week, so now is more than an appropriate time to write something about those. For those who missed my previous reviews about their releases, Blowtorch Records is an Irish record label specializing in music genres such as indie, alternative, post-punk, and punk rock, but also synth pop, indie pop, electronic music, etc. Their roster is diverse, so I highly advise you to check their web store out because there are high chances you’ll stumble upon something you like. A brand new release by Virgins is one of those hidden gems you need to hear. This Belfast-based band will instantly appeal to your listening apparatus with all those pleasant, calm, cathartic melodies and harmonies.

Transmit A Little Heaven consists of five powerful compositions suitable to anyone profoundly into shoegaze sound. The band has also released two singles, such as Vows and signalling, so Transmit A Little Heaven is their debut EP. Maybe Virgins base their sound upon the fundamentals of shoegaze, but this band has so much to offer. You’ll notice some of the finest properties of complementary music genres, such as alternative, grunge, indie rock, dream pop, and indie pop lurking in the mix. They unquestionably know how to assemble engaging, divine, echoic numbers full of cleverly implemented ideas, and their exceptional musicianship backs up with all those bold, confident, cathartic, sincerely performed orchestrations.

It’s nearly mindblowing how they paired high-pitched leads with mids delivered by rhythm guitar and low-ends delivered on bass. This material perfectly balances those frequencies, and even with those highs in the mix, you’ll notice this material offers a pleasant listening experience that will especially appeal when you need some relaxing music. The guitars are continuously dueling for dominance. The lead resonates with excellent melodies and harmonies, while the rhythm bursts with heavy, robust riffs and chord progressions. These two instruments work together harmoniously, while the bass guitar contributes to their powerful output with equally complex basslines. Still, nothing would sound so energetic without immensely dynamic rhythmic sequences, detailed accentuations, small details, and fills. The divine vocal performance contributes to this brilliant material with another layer of harmonies that, without any doubt, shape the ambiance of each composition.

Transmit A Little Heaven would not be a shoegaze album without those thick layers of reverb, echo, and delay. These effects are almost equally responsible for shaping the atmosphere of this album. Virgins thoroughly planned every melody, harmony, chord progression, bassline, rhythmic sequence, and vocal part while constructing Transmit A Little Heaven, so an ear-appealing sonic journey is more than guaranteed. You’ll need to hear this material to embrace its brilliance. The album comes on beautiful pink vinyl, so there’s one more reason for purchasing this album via Blowtorch Records. Head to their web store for more information about ordering.





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