OWLS - End Me CD EP - Blowtorch Records

OWLS – End Me CD EP (Blowtorch Records)

OWLS - End Me CD EP - Blowtorch Records

Here’s the latest release from the batch sent by our friends at Blowtorch Records. Like the previous two records, this one shines bright in its uniqueness, and it will unquestionably indulge your listening apparatus if you’re into electronic music. OWLS is an Irish producer inspired by many music genres. Perhaps electronic music dominates on this particular EP, but it’s not the only quality you’ll stumble upon while listening to these tracks. Judging by the number of recordings, OWLS is a relatively new music project. In less than two years, he released They Kill EP and a couple of singles, so the material I will be talking about today is his second EP recording.

End Me carries five skillfully produced tracks spanning several music genres that harmoniously work together. As I said before, OWLS almost entirely dedicates this material to electronic music, so you’ll stumble upon tracks that explore some of the finest properties of techno, tech-house, deep house, lo-fi electronica, and trance. However, OWLS thought about his other interests as well. Therefore, some tracks might resemble something synth-pop, synthwave, darkwave, coldwave, post-punk, or goth rock artists/bands would eventually record during their careers. Each song includes skillfully assembled instrumentations that perfectly suit the current sonic direction. The more electronic numbers obviously come with complex synth sequences, distorted basslines, fuzzy ambiances, drones, samples, accentuations, and beats. OWLS thought about the tiniest details while working on these songs, and you’ll notice how even the minimal segments include many instrumentations.

Of course, the remainder of the material carries the same number of electronic maneuvers, but it leans more toward synthwave, post-punk and goth rock. You’ll notice how each composition bursts with slightly dark vibes, but the atmosphere changes depending on which style OWLS explores at the moment. Even though the atmosphere differs on every track, the entire EP sounds like a thoughtfully planned collection of songs that will fit any mood. That only showcases how much experience, knowledge, and ideas OWLS incorporated into this EP, and the effort undoubtedly paid off in my book. Head to Blowtorch Records for more information about ordering this CD.





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