Movment - Violence

Movment – Violence

Movment - Violence

After the series of singles like Propaganda, Leave Me Alone, We All Must Go, Everything Will Be Clear, Red Death Sessions EP, and a critically acclaimed debut full-length album Transformation, Irish post-punk quartet Movment returns with a double single. Violence serves as a continuation of their previous works, but it also seems this particular set of two compositions delivers some other elements to the table. Perhaps Movment almost solely relies upon post-punk aesthetics, but their music unquestionably carries many genres along the way. You may notice some of the finest ingredients borrowed from goth rock, darkwave, coldwave, alternative, indie, and even electro music, but they somehow managed to stay true to the post-punk sound.

 Photo by UVRay

Violence and a B-side Eyes That Scream sound like something renowned post-punk bands would eventually record during the eighties. However, both songs come with a twist. You’ll hear a heavy layer of generously distorted guitars, vividly hearable warm-sounding basslines, and profoundly dynamic beats supporting nearly gothy singing parts. These two compositions also differ in structure, arrangements, accentuations, and ambiance from most of the songs you could hear on the post-punk/goth rock scene nowadays. Movment picked aggressive, raw, and abrasive approach that burst with sheer energy and power, so this double single will unquestionably appeal even to those listeners who prefer extreme music genres. Violence is available on all streaming platforms.





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