Birches - Be Unknown

Birches – Be Unknown

Birches - Be Unknown

Since 2019, Birches have released many excellent recordings, such as Being Younger, Action Man Was Cool, Bedroom Days Demo EP, Hey There (Grandad), Other Guy, Always Fucked, and See Yourself Tomorrow. Many of their works are demos, but they sound a lot better than many contemporaries who nurture similar sound. The best part about their music is that Birches continuously upgrade their sound, so each new single showcases natural progression. That’s the case with Be Unknown, their latest single that will unquestionably appeal to all the emo fans. You’ll immediately notice they’re not joking with their music. Quite the contrary, this creative Irish band combines some of the best qualities borrowed from genres like emo and indie rock. However, Be Unknown doesn’t sound like another bland and repetitious emo rock song.

Birches - Be Unknown

These creative musicians know how to assemble a song structure empowered with clever arrangements, catchy accentuations, various enhancements, decorations, and all other elements that shape only the best emo-rock tracks. You’ll notice how the calm verses gradually transit into slightly heavier pre-choruses. The chorus will hit you hard with bold chord progressions, harmonious singalongs, and an enormously precise rhythm section. Be Unknown continuously levitates between contemporary and old-school emo/indie, so this composition will appeal to your listening apparatus no matter which era you prefer. It’s nearly mindblowing how Birches constructed such a pleasant ambiance with so many melodies and harmonies involved during the entire process. This band undoubtedly deserves your utmost attention, so head to your favorite streaming platform and give it a listen.





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