Within Destruction – Lotus CD (Ultra Heavy)

Within Destruction - Lotus CD - Ultra Heavy

Here’s another new release that arrived at our headquarters a couple of days ago. Within Destruction is a Slovenian deathcore trio from Jesenice, and Lotus is their latest full-length album. The band went through many lineup changes, but they released five full-length releases like From The Depths, Void, D E A T H W I S H, Yōkai, and Lotus. Of course, many standalone singles come in between these recordings, and I highly advise you to check out their previous works, as well as their latest album.

I have to admit deathcore is not my cup of tea at all, but I can hear so many qualities bursting from Lotus. This album carries twelve modern deathcore compositions, probably suitable for a newer generation than those knee-deep fans who’re into this genre for years. However, Within Destruction invested so much effort into this material that even the fans of metalcore, modern hardcore, melodic hardcore, post-hardcore, alternative metal, and nu-metal will enjoy these tracks. You’ll also notice many interruptions of dubstep, drum and bass, breakbeat, and industrial electronic music. Therefore, Within Destruction use samplers, and they’re doing it pretty damn well. Each composition comes with many ambiances and effects that will indulge your listening apparatus if you’re into these sonic maneuvers.

Within Destruction invested so many brilliant ideas into these tracks, and you’ll notice how each composition has a perfect structure, decorated with clever arrangements, accentuations, and enhancements that unquestionably uplift the entire album on an entirely new level. These guys solely rely upon downtuned, djenty, sludgy riffs empowered by wisely assembled, progressive melodies, harmonies, shreds, virtuosities, and other sonic delicacies. The dualities between lead and rhythm guitar go beyond comprehension so many times during the album, so you’ll probably have to thoroughly listen to Lotus a couple of times until you fully grasp everything these guys put onto this record. Of course, this material wouldn’t sound so heavy without equally brilliant basslines, and I adore how the bass guitar is almost equally present in the mix. Like the remainder of the group, the drumming goes beyond comprehension as well, and you will enjoy those profoundly detailed rhythmic structures, half-time beats, breakdowns, continuous splashes over the cymbals, hectic drum fills, and other percussive acrobatics. The vocal range is impressive, to say the least, so if you’re into a mixture of growls, screams, classic hardcore shoutouts, and clean singing, then this album is the perfect choice for you. Lotus has many qualities, and there’s no doubt deathcore fans will enjoy this album from scratch to finish. Head to the band’s store or Ultra Heavy for more information about ordering.

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