Sigmund Faust – Beach Day Dreamscape

Sigmund Freud - Beach Day Dreamscape

After critically acclaimed full-length Bancho Stanza and a standalone single named March Sweet Blunder, Sigmund Faust returned with another excellent composition that will unquestionably indulge listening apparatuses of those into indie rock music. Beach Day Dreamscape is the second single that closely explores the sonic aesthetics of its predecessor, but with a more luxurious sound than before. For those readers stumbling upon this immensely creative individual for the first time, Sigmund Faust relies upon indie rock aesthetics, but many other elements lurk around in the mix. Therefore, Beach Day Dreamscape bursts with a complex, harmonious, cathartic sound that carries something for everyone.

Sigmund Faust - Beach Day Dreamscape

You’ll notice some of the finest properties of post-punk, post-rock, alternative, shoegaze, and dream pop roaming along the way. Perhaps these combinations might sound like too much to some readers, but Sigmund Faust thoroughly combined each element to work to the advantage of this song. The artist thought about all possible details you could think of at the moment. From song structure over arrangements, accentuations, and all those small things that define all the best indie songs to chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, catchy vocal parts, basslines, and dynamic rhythmic sequences, Beach Day Dreamscape carries so many sonic delicacies that this song will probably end up on your playlist. Sigmund Faust put so much effort into this composition, and it’s vividly hearable from scratch to finish. Don’t miss this one if you’re looking for excellent indie songs. Beach Day Dreamscape is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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