Wolves At The Gate – Eulogies CD (Solid State Records)

Wolves At The Gate - Eulogies CD - Solid State Records

We have more excellent music releases for you today. This time, I am writing about Eulogies, a recently released full-length album by Wolves At The Gate. To those who aren’t familiar with these guys, Wolves At The Gate are a post-hardcore band based in Cedarville, Ohio. Since their inception in 2008, this exceptional group unleashed an impressive amount of recordings such as We Are The Ones EP, Captors LP, Back To School EP, VxV LP, Reprise EP, Types & Shadows LP, Eclipse LP, and Dawn EP. They also released three demos, Prisoner Of War, Pulled From The Deep, and We Are The Ones EP. Of course, Wolves At The Gate also released many singles in between. Still, it seems they went a step further with Eulogies, their latest full-length record, released via Solid State Records.

Eulogies carry thirteen outstanding post-hardcore compositions that will satisfy even the pickiest fans of this genre. The band and record label tirelessly promoted this material with Shadows, Lowborn, Lights & Fire, Peace The Starts The War, and Deadweight, five singles that serve as perfect overtures to the remainder of the material. However, Wolves At The Gate aren’t only about post-hardcore. Quite the contrary, you’ll notice many other music genres lurking around throughout the entire material. The band incorporated some of the finest properties of metalcore, hardcore, post-metal, and alternative rock, but these additional elements do not spoil the primary direction of the album. Each ingredient serves as a more than necessary enhancement, wisely placed in the segments where they’re needed the most.

After all, Wolves At The Gate were always the band that handled any music genre with such ease. That’s the case with Eulogies as well. There’s no way you will not enjoy their transitions from cathartic post-hardcore segments to more robust, heavy, colossal slabs of metalcore riffs. Speaking of the musicianship, these guys fully stacked this material with everything you ever demanded from a post-hardcore or metalcore album. They thoroughly worked on song structures, so you’ll be blown away by the sheer amount of themes, melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, riffs, shreds, licks, and other virtuosities included in this record. Of course, nothing would sound so heavy without vividly hearable warm-sounding low-end tones and profoundly dynamic drumming performance built upon immensely energetic rhythmic structures, catchy accentuations, and hectic drum fills. The vocal performance goes beyond comprehension, and you’ll love those transitions from hellish screams, growls, and classic shouts into more clean vocal harmonies. Eulogies seek your utmost attention if you’re into modern post-hardcore sound. The album is available on vinyl, CD, and all streaming platforms. Head to Solid State Records for more information about ordering.

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