V/A – Blowtorch Records Classics Vol. 2 – This Could Work (Blowtorch Records)

V/A - Blowtorch Records Classics Vol. 2 - This Could Work - Blowtorch Records

Last week you had a chance to read about the first edition of the Blowtorch Records Classics, where twelve artists shared their best works for this sampler. I had a lot of fun listening and writing about it, so I decided to listen and write something about the second edition of this excellent sampler. This edition hosts ten artists sharing ten of their best works with the broader auditorium. The overall ambiance slightly differs from its predecessor, but it’s a significant cross-section of Blowtorch Records’ roster and activities. Like a previous volume, This Could Work comes on black vinyl housed in a standard jacket decorated with slightly different graphic imagery than the first one.

This fine compilation commences with Jagged Baptist Club and their version of the synthwave-infused post-punk sound. It’s a mid-tempo composition, but it serves as such a perfect overture to this fine sampler. The song possesses hypnotic synth leads and basslines that will force you to repeat this track. Dublin post-punk/indie duo TV People comes up next with one of their best songs from Nothing More EP. It’s one of those numbers you immediately fall in love with. It has a catchy pre-chorus and chorus that give more power to the entire song. A debut single by Ash Red simultaneously serves a slightly different ambiance and perfectly pairs two previous compositions. It’s a superb blend of garage rock, rock’n’roll, and indie you unquestionably need to hear. Soundstrand continues at the same pace with its combination of power pop, indie rock, and classic punk rock. Their music resembles something you’ve been listening to your entire life, but somehow you can’t match them with anything you heard before. It’s a weird feeling, but their sound is so catchy. Some Remain closes the A-side with another dosage of alternative, grunge, and indie rock, cleverly combined into a colossal slab of ear-appealing noise. Blowtorch Records made a wise move by placing them in the end because they’re the heaviest and most dynamic band on this side.

Wyse opens up the other side of this fine piece of plastic. If you visited our pages last week, you had a chance to read about this exceptional artist. Wyse combines everything you dearly love about synth music, indie, and progressive rock. Some readers may say it’s a weird combination of music genres, but trust me, it works and sounds good because Wyse doses each music genre and creates divine, catchy, unique music. Virgins are coming up next with their gigantic walls of echoic sounds. Their version of shoegaze and dream pop drenched into healthy portions of fuzzy distortion will immediately buy your attention. Irish alternative/post-punk trio Punching Peaches deliver an interesting psychedelic sound built upon nearly clean chord progressions and mid-tempo rhythmic segments. The quality of this band is mindblowing, considering Wristwatch is their debut single. You should definitely pay attention to this band if you’re looking out for some alternative-infused post-rock music. Liana Forte chops up the atmosphere with her distinctive version of ambient and drone, decorated by minimalistic percussive elements. Perhaps this composition differs from the remainder, but Blowtorch placed it alongside Jamie’s track. These two numbers serve as more than appropriate closure of a thoughtfully assembled sampler.

After thoroughly listening to both editions of Blowtorch Classics, I found myself in the dilemma of which one of these two I love more. Both are equally good, bursting with quality, and both serve the purpose of presenting talented, creative, unique artists and bands. These two vinyl records are probably the best various artist compilations I’ve had a chance to listen to in years because there aren’t weak tracks included here. Grab these vinyl records if you’re a fan of samplers because you’ll discover the vast universe built upon brilliant ideas, exquisite musicianship, and relentless creativity. Head to Blowtorch Records for more information about ordering.

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