Wyse - Allusions 12" EP - Blowtorch Records

Wyse – Allusions 12″ EP (Blowtorch Records)

Wyse - Allusions 12" EP - Blowtorch Records

After a couple of extended play releases such as Switch Of My Controller and Anomalies, and a series of singles like Not That Sorry, Drown, Hologram, plus remixes of all three tracks, Portsmouth-based indie artist Wyse returns with another exceptional release called Allusions. If you’re familiar with Wyse‘s sound, you maybe already know what to expect. However, this material goes beyond comprehension because entre EP bursts with brilliant ideas, musicianship, and outstanding sound that follows all the trends of contemporary music production. For those stumbling upon Wyse for the first time, expect only the sheer quality and prepare yourselves for repetitious listening sessions because Allusions sounds superb from scratch to finish.

Allusions carry five outstanding indie compositions suitable even for those picky admirers of this particular genre. You’ll notice that when you listen to Run Away, Belladonna, and 3 Whole Day, three introductory singles heavily promoted by Wyse and Blowtorch Records on the web and social media. However, Wyse cleverly wrote, arranged, and recorded each number to even indulge the listening apparatuses of those who’re not so much into indie music. Each number possesses several complementary music genres lurking around. Besides the sheer dominance of indie rock and indie pop, you’ll stumble upon only the finest elements of progressive rock, psychedelic rock, post-rock, alternative rock, alternative pop, and dream pop. You’ll also notice some ear-appealing ambiances and drones lurking beneath and above primary orchestrations. These additions serve as more than necessary decorations and enhancements that unquestionably uplift the already luxurious atmosphere.

I like how Wyse continuously levitates between aggressive and mellow segments. Of course, indie rock dominates the most, but there are many qualities of pop music in each song, which makes Wyse’s sound so unique. Wyse also thought of incorporating elements of psychedelic and progressive rock in only the right places, but those accentuations aren’t overwhelming the primary sonic direction of these compositions. Still, your jaw will drop once you hear how Wyse’s incredible vocal abilities apply to the sonic background. The vocal performance comes as another layer of melodies and harmonies that enhances the complexity of this material. There’s not enough praise for this material I could put in this review, and you should better check this one up if you’re into cleverly assembled indie music. Allusions comes on a 12″ black vinyl, and it’s available directly from Blowtorch Records. Don’t miss this one!






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