Vincent Christ – I See Jets

Vincent Christ - I See Jets

After launching his career with a series of singles such as No More Freedom, Killjoy, Under The Rose, The Gift Of Tears, Only The Brave, Another Teardrop, Heart On A Chain, Truant, Driftwood, When Can I Be Good, Girl In Veil, Kil St. Claire, and an exceptional full-length named Truant, London-based post-punk artist Vincent Christ returns with another divine piece of sonic artistry. The previous works sounded good, but wait until you hear I See Jets. It’s everything you ever wanted of post-punk music, but with even more additions, decorations, and enhancements included along the way. Perhaps Vincent Christ solely relies upon the eighties post-punk aesthetics, but you may also stumble upon some other elements. You’ll hear how this prolific artist combined only the best properties of eighties goth rock, dark wave, shoegaze, dream-pop, and indie without spoiling the primary direction of the song. Some readers might think it is too many genres involved, but don’t worry, Vincent Christ thoroughly combined each element to work to the advantage of the song.

Vincent Christ

I adore how Vincent Christ assembled the entire composition. You’ll notice that thick layer of studio reverb lurking around while the arpeggiated chord progressions shape the atmosphere for this song. It gives the necessary depth, heaviness, and psychedelic feel to the remainder of the orchestrations. The bass guitar shines bright in the mix with warm-sounding, vividly hearable low-end tones. These basslines serve as a glue between guitars and exceptional rhythmic performance. The stable drumming performance keeps the rest of the instruments in line with hypnotic rhythmic sequences that provide the necessary dynamics to the song. Vincent Christ’s vocal abilities contribute to the depth of I See Jets, so you’ll notice this composition continuously levitates between post-punk and goth rock. It carries that ear-appealing, soothing, cathartic atmosphere that forces you to spin this track again. I See Jets is available on all streaming platforms. I advise you to check out this number as soon as possible because there’s a chance you’ll immediately place it on your playlist.

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