TAHLS – Life Is Weird EP

TAHLS - Life Is Weird EP

Today, we have another exceptional artist on our pages. TAHLS is a prolific project born out of the pandemic when the entire globe suffered mentally during quarantines, lockdowns, and various restrictions. This artist found relief in writing, composing, and recording music. Since its inception, TAHLS has released an impressive amount of works, such as double singles one., two., three., and standalone singles like Island, Break Apart, Punch, and In Circles And Tangents. The most significant thing about TAHLS is the quality of each work, so if you’re into indie music, you’ll appreciate his continuously expanding discography. It seems his sound progresses with each new material, and that’s the case with his latest EP.

Life Is Weird is a fine piece of sonic artistry separated into two outstanding compositions. As the artist stated, he draws inspiration from renowned musicians and bands such as Placebo, Oasis, Nine Inch Nails, Billie Eilish, Justin Timberlake, and Lalo Schifrin. However, I found his music going beyond the works of these artists. There’s something about his composing process that makes these numbers sound so fresh, unique, and amusing. Such Life opens up this double single with a bold, heavy, soothing piano melody. TAHLS uses an entirely minimalistic approach on this one, where piano performance and the calmness of his voice shape the luxurious, calm, and cathartic atmosphere. Such Life sounds like a composition you could get lost contemplating about life while relaxing on a lazy Sunday. The sheer minimalism forces you to think about the things that matter, and there lays the beauty of this number. It’s a divine ballad that showcases all the brilliance of this exceptional artist.

Around We Go continues at the same pace but with more orchestrations included along the way. You’ll still notice the presence of piano, but this time, TAHLS incorporates analog and digital rhythmic sequences, percussions, various accentuations, and other sonic delicacies. The artist also decorated this composition with semi-distorted chord progressions, which give a dosage of aggression, dynamics, and power to the remarkable chorus. I adore how TAHLS keeps both numbers entirely in a downtempo, soothing, calm, and relaxing atmosphere. Nevertheless, these compositions differ in complexity, dynamics, and energy. TAHLS cleverly separated these songs from each other by including a couple of layers of orchestrations. Life Is Weird is one of those double singles you should check out if you’re into downtempo indie pop music because it possesses many qualities. These songs will, without any doubt, end up on your playlist. Life Is Weird is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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