The Homeless Gospel Choir - Fourth Dimension Intervention CD - Don Giovanni Records

The Homeless Gospel Choir – Fourth Dimension Intervention CD (Don Giovanni Records)

The Homeless Gospel Choir - Fourth Dimension Intervention CD - Don Giovanni Records

If someone asked you to explain the sound of The Homeless Gospel Choir, you would probably scratch your head for a while. The music seems overly simplistic, but on the contrary, there are layers of sound ready to be discovered by those experienced ears demanding something more than simplistic indie music. The fact The Homeless Gospel Choir released seven outstanding full-length albums, a live album, and an EP in twelve years speaks a lot about this folk-punk artist. Seriously, take a listen to Some People Never Go Anywhere, You Work So Hard Just To Be Like Everyone Else, Luxury Problems, I Used To Be So Young, Normal, This Land Is Your Landfill, This Is A Protest Song, Fourth Dimension Intervention, and a split release with Teenage Haloween. You’ll be surprised by the sheer quality, and Derek Zanetti has put heart and soul into each one of these recordings. 

Today, I will talk about Fourth Dimension Intervention, The Homeless Gospel Choir’s latest full-length album, recently released by Don Giovanni Records. After thoroughly listening to this material over the weekend, I can conclude Derek Zanetti ultimately nailed this album. Even if you’re not entirely into the singer-songwriter genre because it’s a popular format right now, there’s a high probability you’ll love Fourth Dimension Intervention with all your heart. Perhaps The Homeless Gospel Choir relies upon foundations of folk-punk sound, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other ingredients along the way. There are some properties of contemporary punk rock, classic punk rock, indie rock, indie pop, power pop, and country music involved in the process. Some readers might think it’s too many genres included, but don’t worry. Zanetti flawlessly bonded all the elements, so Fourth Dimension Intervention sounds incredible from scratch to finish. 

This album burst with dirty, raw, abrasive, fuzzy riffs and chord progressions, skilfully assembled to satisfy even the pickiest fans of folk punk, punk rock, and singer-songwriter music. These three genres are maybe the most dominant during the album, while power pop, indie pop, indie rock, and country serve more as accentuations, decorations, and enhancements. The Homeless Gospel Choir sometimes strays into more chaotic, noisy, experimental waters, but this album mostly sounds ear-appealing, harmonious, and cathartic. The exceptional lyricism is Zanetti’s heaviest weapon in the arsenal, and this material perhaps carries some of his best songs ever written. These compositions deal with love, emotions, particular moments, situations, and circumstances. Each number acts like a separate story, but together form an audiobook called Fourth Dimension Intervention. It’s an excellent album that offers so many remarkable moments where you will equally enjoy Zanetti’s lyricism and musicianship. Head to Don Giovanni Records for more information about ordering. 






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