Trashed Ambulance - Future Considerations CD - Thousand Islands Records

Trashed Ambulance – Future Considerations CD ( Thousand Islands Records)

Trashed Ambulance - Future Considerations CD - Thousand Islands Records

After full-lengths, such as Blurry Thoughts and Flashes Of Competence, extended plays like A Dime For Every Time and Shorthanded, Canadian melodic punk rockers Trashed Ambulance return with another excellent full-length release named Future Considerations. It’s their third full-length album or fourth release under Thousand Islands Records, a prolific Canadian record label specialized in anything skatepunk, melodic punk rock, or pop-punk. Once a quartet, I can’t hear any degradation in quality now when Trashed Ambulance are a trio. The group retains top-notch quality from their beginnings to the present day. So, what can you expect from Future Considerations? Nothing but pure melodic punk rock music, performed by experienced musicians who know how to assemble ear-appealing songs.

Trashed Ambulance always knew how to combine everything you adore about punk rock sound. They transform from a profoundly energetic skatepunk beast into anthemic melodic punk rock or soothing pop-punk band without losing any dynamics, energy, and consistency. The best part about Future Considerations is that there aren’t bad compositions in there. Each sounds perfect by any means. Every vocal part, singalong, chord progression, riff, melody, harmony, bassline, or rhythmic sequence included in this fine piece of sonic artistry proves my point. Even the ratio between skatepunk, classic melodic punk rock, and pop-punk songs is satisfying, and you will probably include this album as one of your favorites this year.

Besides exceptional musicianship and superb ideas invested into Future Considerations, I think that arrangements play a significant role in why this album sounds so incredible. It’s nearly mindblowing how many excellent themes, melodies, harmonies, and riffs the band invested into this album. Perhaps you’ll have some difficulties hearing everything at once because Trashed Ambulance also thought about all the vocal parts, singalongs, and duets, wisely incorporated into each composition. You’ll also hear technically demanding, chunky basslines right beneath the guitar. Luckily, these low-end tones are vividly hearable in the mix because it would be such a waste to miss that level of musicianship. Of course, nothing would sound so profoundly dynamic without fast-paced rhythmic maneuvers, various moderate beats, cleverly incorporated accentuations, and drum fills.

Future Considerations sounds superb from beginning to end, and there’s no doubt you’ll include this album as one of your favorites if you’re into melodic punk rock music. The album comes in two vinyl variants, neon green, and pink, but you can also grab a six-panel wallet CD or listen to it on your favorite streaming platforms. You probably know my thoughts on CDs, so I advise you to purchase a vinyl version or grab one of the excellent bundles, including both vinyl variants alongside hoodie or shirts. Head over to Thousand Islands Records for more information about ordering.






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