Nimrod by Ryan Roberts - Earth Island Books

Nimrod by Ryan Roberts (Earth Island Books)

Nimrod by Ryan Roberts - Earth Island Books

You can wave a banner of true punk rock up high, gatekeep the underground scene, or act as an internet warrior in your favorite Reddit punk rock community. Still, you can’t deny that Green Day did a big favor to the punk rock scene in one way or another. After all, Green Day and The Offspring popularized the genre in 1994 after releasing Dookie and Smash. They both changed the course of the punk rock scene for the better. Who knows what would happen to punk rock if the crowd didn’t stumble upon these two gems. I mean, revisit classics like 39/Smooth, Kerplunk, Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod, and you’ll discover the vast universe of perfectly executed, power pop-infused punk rock. After all, music critics consider the bands like Green Day as rarities nowadays. How many bands do you know who somehow managed to reinvent three to four-chord progressions? Like it or not, Green Day did that style back then like pros.

Ryan Roberts even got that far as to dedicate a decent portion of his debut book to the bands like Green Day and The Police. After all, his book carries the name after Green Day’s fifth full-length album, Nimrod. And it’s a flawlessly written piece of literary art cleverly separated into many chapters, so you can get into the matter and understand the backstory of every character included in this book. Passionate readers will appreciate this effort, mainly because there are many chaotic and confusing books on the market that are almost impossible to read and comprehend. Luckily, Ryan Roberts thought about it while writing and assembling Nimrod, and this book will apply to any generation of readers. However, if you thought this is another book that glorifies a particular music release or a band, then you’re almost entirely wrong.

Green Day are mentioned throughout the entire book many times, but the primary character in this story is Rod, a daydreamer who wishes to meet his hero, Sting. You’ll notice he’s an emotional caretaker of his mother, who blames Green Day for the death of her firstborn son. Everything changes in his life when he meets Cat. She’s a hardline Green Day fan who promises Rod he’ll meet his biggest hero, and then the primary character has to decide how to escape with the girl from his dreams far away from his mother, daily routine, and the comfort of his New Jersey home. But, Cat possesses something that Rod genuinely lacks; confidence, boldness, and a sense of adventure. Of course, the author illustrated this story with many hilarious and sad moments where the thoughts and actions of the principal character may seem nerdy or awkward, and those segments also contribute to the entertainment value of this book. The author also cleverly describes events, moments, places, and thoughts of his characters without digging too deep into unnecessary details. He also wisely separated characters’ dialogue from descriptive segments within all the chapters.

Nimrod is an excellent debut book by Ryan Roberts, which will apply to any generation of readers. A highly recommended read for fans of Green Day, novels, and good debut books. Head over to Earth Island Books for more information about ordering.





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