Premiere: Calm. Debut Music Video For Reptile Brain

Calm. - Brain Reptile

Harrogate, UK-based hardworking punk rockers Calm. release a music video for a digital single “Reptile Brain“. We have the privilege to premiere their video on our pages today, so blast it out loud! Follow them on social media and keep your eyes peeled on the Engineer Records website for more information about Our Twenties, an upcoming EP set for release on vinyl, CD, and streaming platforms.

Reptile Brain makes the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who can’t be reached with words. It’s a Punk Rock audio nasty, a summer raging brain worm that’ll wiggle its way into the deepest recess and force you to press play again and again! No one can make you better.

“I usually try to go for balance and narrative nuance in my lyricism but sometimes we get ourselves into such toxic environments and relationships that all sense of nuance is thrown out the window. That is Reptile Brain. I wanted this tune to be a totally unrestrained version of the sort of thoughts we all have in the white hot heat of anger, just vomited out.” – Ash, Calm.

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