Bed Of Snakes – Bed Of Snakes CD EP (Engineer Records)

Bag Of Snakes - Bag Of Snakes CD EP - Engineer Records

Some new Engineer Records have arrived at our headquarters today. I was completely unaware of the existence of Bed Of Snakes, but after listening to their debut CD EP, I guess they have another new fan. As far as I managed to inform myself about their work, it seems this is a new group consisting of the ex-members of Merciana and The Break. I tried to find out more information about their activities, but it seems they’re a newly established band that tries to remain anonymous as much as possible. As usual, Engineer Records packed this release in a high-quality digipak packaging decorated with nearly abstract cover artwork, and with a big band name on the front. The entire packaging screams with early 2000s melodic punk rock visual aesthetics, so you’ll immediately know what to expect when you grab this release.

If you’re familiar with the music of Merciana and The Break, you probably know both these bands ruled back in the day. The same goes for Bed Of Snakes. This band carries nearly the same sonic aesthetics as the beforementioned bands, but with many improvements. Besides the sheer dominance of melodic punk rock, you may hear how Bed Of Snakes incorporates some other ingredients borrowed from post-hardcore, pop-punk, emo, and indie. Still, melodic punk rock remains their primary weapon of choice, while the remainder of the abovementioned music genres serves as more than necessary enhancement. Bed Of Snakes presented three profoundly melodic, soulful, dynamic punk rock compositions that will satisfy even the pickiest fans of this genre. However, this EP could easily apply to any listening apparatus seeking some underground music.

These guys stacked each composition with excellent musicianship and brilliant ideas. Perhaps this debut has only three numbers, but it is an appropriate introduction to the sound of Bed Of Snakes. You’ll immediately notice excellent melodies, harmonies, robust chord progressions, powerful basslines, dynamic rhythmic performance, and tremendous vocal abilities of the lead vocalist, who knows how to decorate each segment of a song like a pro. It’s impossible to find any flaws on this material. As soon as you press play, you’ll notice you’re dealing with experienced musicians who spent decades playing punk rock music. That’s how this debut EP sounds. It’s a set of songs performed by skillful musicians capable of writing, composing, and recording outstanding melodic punk rock songs. Head over to Engineer Records for more information about ordering.

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