Dead Bait – Kill The Gods

Dead Bait - Kill The Gods

It’s been a while since I heard a band capable of blending several complementary genres into a colossal slab of well-articulated noise. Dead Bait are unquestionably pros in what they’re doing, and they’re doing it pretty damn well. The band bursts with sheer aggression, energy, and dynamics right from scratch because Kill The Gods is their debut single. As soon as you press play, you’ll notice these guys are experienced musicians who know how to assemble energetic compositions without sounding repetitive. You’ll be immediately blown away by their powerful performance and probably end up putting their track on your playlist.

Dead Bait

Soundwise, Dead Bait explore the vast universe of heavy music. Therefore, you’ll notice how the group implemented elements of post-hardcore, hardcore, punk rock, grunge, alternative, and even some metal. You might think it’s way too many genres in one track, but don’t let that comprehensive list fool you. Dead Bait cleverly combined every ingredient to satisfy even the pickiest ears. The lead vocalist sounds like he’s trying to this tear the walls apart with his singing abilities. Seriously, these are some impressive skills that are adding even more aggression over the top. Of course, nothing would sound so good without powerful, cleverly combined riffs. The warm-sounding basslines contribute to the power of the guitar performance but also give more mass to the ambiance. The drumming goes beyond comprehension, and you’ll love how the drummer thought about every rhythmic maneuver, accentuation, drum fill, and other acrobatics. Kill The Gods sounds like a breath of fresh air that the underground scene desperately needed. You can listen to the song on all streaming platforms.

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