Shiloh, Forever – Friend Of Mine

Shiloh, Forever - Friend Of Mine

Friend Of Mine is a debut single by Shiloh, Forever, a profoundly creative singer-songwriter currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. The song deals with the artist being at the crossroad, thinking about his music career, and deciding what’s best for him. It’s an intimate acoustic indie folk composition worth checking out, even if you’re not into folk music. You’ll almost immediately notice that Shiloh, Forever invested a lot of effort, heart, and soul into this number. His highly emotive performance is unquestionably hearable during the singing segments when his calm, soothing, cathartic voice perfectly matches the thoughtfully arranged chord progressions.

Shiloh, Forever
Photo by Jackson Eidsvold

However, this composition isn’t only about indie folk. Quite the contrary, some other sonic ingredients are lurking around as well. You’ll hear some properties of shoegaze, dream pop, indie pop, and soft rock that, without any doubt, enhance excellent acoustic performance. There’s also another layer of arpeggiated chords and melodies that gives a bit more complexity to the song. Still, this layer doesn’t overwhelm the cathartic listening experience. Beneath all these layers of sound, you’ll notice some percussions, which give a bit more energy to the song. Friend Of Mine proves Shiloh, Forever is a very talented artist who knows how to assemble meaningful melody-packed numbers that instantly get into your ears. You can listen to Friend Of Mine on all streaming platforms.

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