Nula - So Zemlje - Geenger Records

Nula – So Zemlje (Geenger Records)

Nula - So Zemlje - Geenger Records

Geenger Records are unstoppable this year. I can’t even count how many full-lengths, EPs, and singles this Croatian indie record label released in 2022. The last year was fruitful for them, but it seems 2022 will exceed all the expectations. So Zemlje by Nula is unquestionably one of the highlights this year. It’s something that the regional scene needed, considering there are not so many sludge, stoner, and doom metal bands in this region. Nula aren’t strangers to the beforementioned label. Quite the contrary, they released a split release with In From The Cold via Geenger Records before. I wrote a review about that vinyl record a while ago and was curious to hear what these guys prepared this time. I admit I was shocked at how they progressed creatively and musically. It is not the same band I listened to a couple of years ago. From a classic basement band, Nula became a top-tier sludge group that undoubtfully deserves your utmost attention.

Perhaps So Zemlje carries only six compositions, but don’t the number fool you. These tracks span over forty minutes in length. Each song is about nine minutes or a bit less and fully stacked with ultimate rawness, abrasiveness, blackened melodies, harmonies, powerful low ends, and half-time rhythmic sequences. And let me tell you from scratch, these guys are not joking around with their tracks. When I mentioned you need to pay attention to this band, I meant it. So Zemlje carries slow, depressive, colossal structures empowered by poetic lyricism, creatively arranged fuzzy riffs, and plenty of saddened moments where you will probably question your entire existence. Of course, questioning existentialism is considered if you possess a basic understanding of the Serbo/Croatian language. What I dig about the lyric/singing part is how everything worked out in favor of the songs without spoiling the initial ambiance. On the other hand, you will have no difficulties in understanding what the singer is talking about because he obviously knows how to convey the message through growling, screaming, and shouting.

Also, So Zemlje is not another classic sludge, stoner, doom release. This material differs from the remainder of many recordings that recently popped up in record stores and streaming services. It’s due to the high percentage of similarities with neo-crust and blackened crust music, which works quite well with the foundations of Nula’s sound. I don’t know if these guys are fans of these two subgenres and if they purposely included some neo-crust/blackened crust melodies and harmonies, but it sounds so good. Therefore, if you’re a fan of bands like The Dagda, Fall Of Efraffa, Downfall Of Gaia, Archivist, Ictus, Lightbearer, Autarch, or Alpinist, but you want something heavier, then Nula will be a perfect choice for you. So Zemlje is currently available on CD, cassette, and streaming services. Still, there are rumors there will be a vinyl edition as well. Head over to Geenger Records for more information about ordering.





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