Teleforme – Tired

Teleforme - Tired

UK post-punk quartet Teleforme returns with a new single. After the original, acoustic, and several other versions of their critically acclaimed song Drowning, the band unleashed Tired. Like on their debut, Teleforme continues with the same sonic aesthetics by combining the gloomy and hypnotic ambiance of post-punk with the reverby and echoic properties of shoegaze music. It’s a type of sound that suits them well, and bands like these are rare on the contemporary post-punk scene, mainly because Teleforme‘s music sounds so emotive, soulful, and detailed. Tired is more than a perfect example of a band that knows its direction.


Still, that’s not all. Teleforme involves even more genres in their music. Besides the sheer dominance of post-punk and shoegaze, you may hear how the eighties indie rock and new wave-inspired these musicians while writing, composing, and recording this number. Tired carries something from each of the beforementioned genres. However, this song sounds like Teleforme has invented an entirely new genre. It is due to their ability to blend all these elements into a harmonious slab of ear-appealing articulations and beats. Therefore, if you’re up for a divine post-punk listening experience, you should definitely check out this band. Tired is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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